People become homeless because they can’t afford housing. And recent data shows no one living on minimum wage can afford a 1-bedroom apartment anywhere in the United States. Rents are too high. Our children can't imagine owning a basic home to start a family in. 

My approach is development without displacement. Young people should be able to afford to stay in the city they grew up in, and young families should be able to secure stable housing.

Under my mayorship, housing projects in Richmond will:

  • Be centrally located, with reasonable access to public transportation, stores, and services.
  • Meet strong affordability criteria, thereby increasing housing stock for a wider swath of Richmond residents.
  • Include significant community benefits components. 
  • Not cause significant disruption to Richmond’s environment or biodiversity.
  • Not be built on or near a former toxic waste site without full remediation.
  • Not convert significant portions of public green space to private property.

By providing affordable housing and renter protections, we can ensure stability for our communities and prevent displacement and homelessness.