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The California Democratic Party

Young Democrats of Contra Costa

Democratic Party of Contra Costa County

Richmond Firefighers Local 188

Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) Action

Richmond Progressive Alliance

Sierra Club - San Francisco Bay Chapter

Our Revolution - East Bay

Sunflower Alliance

National Union of Healthcare Workers

Richmond Shoreline Alliance

SEIU Local 1021

IFPTE Local 21

Democratic Socialists of America - East Bay

Center for Biological Diversity

Lead Locally

CBE Action



Elected Officials and Community Leaders*

John Gioia -- Contra Costa County Supervisor
Melvin Willis - Richmond Councilmember, District 1
Claudia Jimenez - Richmond Councilmember, District 6
Jovanka Beckles - AC Transit Director, Ward 1
Marge Atkinson - Former Albany Mayor
Robert McConnell - Mayor of Vallejo
Cristina Arriola - Vallejo Councilmember, District 6
Devin Murphy - Vice Mayor, Pinole
Cheryl Davila - former Berkeley Councilmember
Ruscal Cayangyang - former Vallejo School Board Member
Carmen Ramirez -- County of Ventura Board of Supervisors
Steve Early - Author, Refinery Town
Janet Johnson - Coordinator, Sunflower Alliance
Diana Wear - Co-founder, Women in Politics (WIP)
BK Williams - Co-Chair, Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA)
Marisol Cantu - Reimagine Richmond lead organizer
Pam Stello - Richmond Shoreline Alliance
David Helvarg - Blue Frontier Campaign
David Tam - Richmond Shoreline Alliance
Jim Hanson - Richmond Shoreline Alliance
Sheila Jordan - Former Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Kevin G. Ruano Hernandez - BAAQMD/ Communities for a Better Environment
Carole Johnson - Community Activist
Marilyn Langlois - Former Chair Richmond Planning Commission
Alfredo Angulo - Richmond Listening Project Community Organizer
Aleta Toure - Richmond People's Movement Assembly (RPMA)
Quanah Brightman - United Native Americans Executive Director
Alyssa Kang -- California Nurses Association


Local Individuals*

Adey Teshager
Alix Mazuet
Alyssa Kang
Andrea Mullarkey
Andres Soto
Bill Barish
Bindu Desai
Carlos Taboada
Carole Johnson
Charles Smith
Clair Brown
David Reinertson
David Tam
Debbie Bayer
Debi Clifford
Deborah Bayer
Deborah Lee
Diana Wear
Emily Ross
Fletcher Oakes
Floy Andrews
George Pursley
George Speckman
Harry Baker
Isabel Berkelhammer
Jaime Perez
James Madden
Jamin Pursell
Jane Courant
Jim Hanson
Judith Piper
Judy Martinez
Kara Braxton
Kelly Nabours
Kevin G. Ruano Hernandez
Laura Mangels
Lexi Ross
Lynne Olivier
Margaret Rossoff
Marilyn Albert
Marilyn Langlois
Mark Gabriel
Martha Gruelle
Melissa Murphy
Michael Eichenholtz
Michael Gliksohn
Michelle Johnson
Nickan Fayyazi
Raymond Chimezie
Raymond Chimezie, PhD
Rita Barouch
Robert Lipton
Sarah Elie
Sheila Jordan
Shiva Mishek
Shoshana Wechsler
Steve Early
Steven Birnbaum
Sue Wilson
Susan Harman
Sylvia Hopkins
Tara Ayres
Toni Hanna
Tony Fang
Toula Siacotos
Zee Hanoush


*Title and organization provided for identification purposes only and do not imply an endorsement from the organization.