RICHMOND, CA — On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the Richmond City Council voted to approve an ordinance that will completely eliminate natural gas hookups in newly constructed buildings. The council’s new policy will help protect homeowners, renters, business owners, and workers from indoor air pollution, improve safety, and take a powerful action to address the emissions sources that are contributing to the climate crisis. With the vote, Richmond became the first refinery community in the U.S. to completely ban natural gas hookups in new developments.

Councilmember Eduardo Martinez sponsored the ordinance and helped garner support for it on the council. Environmental and community groups including’s SAFE Cities movement, Communities for a Better Environment, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force, Sunflower Alliance, and Sierra Club California helped galvanize public support for the policy.

“This is a huge step forward in the effort to protect Richmond residents and workers from dangerous sources of fossil fuels in our homes and businesses,” Councilmember Eduardo Martinez said. “I am proud to lead this effort and feel inspired by the broad coalition of community members that has stepped up to support this action. The council listened to your voices; you helped shape our policy. However, our work is not finished. We need more of these bold actions to achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels that protects our climate, our environment, our health, our workers, and our community.”

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